Sunday, 6 January 2013


Greetings lovely followers of BoTik,

The International Super Entertainer is no longer living in Busan South Korea and has been up to much since then. It time to rub the dust off and move to a new space. If you're interested in the future BoTik, please join him at his new blog Stay tuned there for delicious poetry, video, and other ramblings of the BoTik mind.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

I came to get down...

This is why I came here...

To look out upon the grand Pacific
with and unobstructed view.
The deep, dark blue
swells and dips;
crashing violently
with whitewater froth
against the craggy coastline
where the mountains meet the sea.

The salt sea air bites my nose
and the smell of squid makes me gag.

This is why I came here

To gaze out from a mountaintop.
There's nothing but snow and ice.
A poppy field of stars above
shines like a million diamonds
strew upon a black velvet valley.

This is why I came here

To wake up before sunrise
and go
and never look back
and know that the day
will reign toil upon my body.
From my head
to my spine,
to my toes,
incited by...
waterfall crossings,
steep inclines,
face first free falls,
and near death experiences.

This is why I came here,
I came to get down...

...and drink until the last drop
then buy me another.
And, I'll pass out in a gutter
and let the homeless
take me home for a change!

To get down
on the dance floor
until the sweat makes
my shoes slip
and the funk makes
my hips dip
whether or not I dance alone.

This is why I came here...
to say fuck you, fuck off , and fuck it...

To be able take a stand
and leave it all behind.
To learn how to learn, love, lead , and leave
all in simultaneous fashion.

This is why I came here....I came to get down!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Remember Rich???

I remember Rich,
one of the best junkies I'd ever known,
one of the worst humans to ever live.
Living solely on a diet of Budweiser, cocaine, and cigarettes
Like a free diver,
Rich existed to test the limitations of the human body
to the fullest extent.

I remember Rich,
living next door in the duplex apartment
banging on my wall in the middle of the the night
inviting me over to watch porn and blow lines.

Hundreds of Bud bottles lined our shared from porch;
a tribute to Rich's ailing liver.

Rich was so good at drinking.
He practiced a lot.

Rich sat and stared out from our porch
surveying the vast wasted land of our project.
Rich's emaciated body sat shriveled, like a peanut shell,
chuggling beer after beer
smoking Camel Wides like they were going out of style,
hollerin' at the mangy crackwhores
as they stumble down the street in the early morning.

Sometimes he'd invite them in for a $5 dollar blow job.
According to Rich:
"The 'ol girl needs to see a dentist"

I took his word for it.

Rich loved to black out
mangle his his bike on the cement lamp post
then hide it under the bush out front.
In the morning he'd ask
(In his strained and nasal southern beach bum voice):
"Who the fuck stole my bike?"

I remember Rich fighting ghosts in the front yard,
beating himself to a bloody pulp
against the concrete.

Some time's he'd sit me down to,
tell me
"Something real serious, that nobody else knows."
The voices in his head
would get him into trouble,
make him do things like
fight bums in the grave yard at midnight
and blow up frogs in the driveway with firecrackers.

I remember Rich,
Raging down I-10 from Tallahassee to Jacksonville
blasting the Dead Kennedy's
100 miles per hour
nose glued to a silver vile
hand glue to a bud
smoking butts with the windows up
straight cruise control, baby.

I remember Rich dying on the side of the highway
The mouth to mouth got me nothing more than regurgitated chips and beer.

I remember Rich,
one of the best junkies I 'd ever known,
one of the worst humans to ever live.

Friday, 26 March 2010

BoTIK Speaks: Some more ranting... plain and simple

My People,

Well I was about to post a very special edition of BoTik Speaks video blog on this here interweb…. but unfortunately my computer has decided to be an ass-bag today and refrain from recording sound. Due to this, I go back to the ancient skill of writing…something I have always enjoyed and probably more palatable for my viewers (you didn’t really want to listen to my rambly lips flapping for 9 minutes anyways, did you?).
So I’ve been receiving a lot of comments and request for UPDATES, which I have been quite neglectful towards. YES yes yes! Here we go! So Last time we checked in I believe I was vomiting up pizza school…since then things didn’t get much better with my health. I received bronchitis (probably from slapping hands with so many grimy students). Regardless, I lost my voice for a couple of days. This was not fun. Actually kind of depressing. Losing one’s voice can be quite disturbing…particularly for someone like me who could talk until the end of time. Not to mention I love to sing and am now a teacher. So, losing my voice was quite horrific, honestly. Who are we without our voices anyways? Jeez I would hate to be a mute (no offense to mutes). I spent a good part of the last week not talking, while students acted like freekin nutcases …. I played the sword and the stone and Madagascar. Not too shabby. I am quite stubborn, you know. I really didn’t want to go to the hospital, against my fellow teachers recommendations, and I stayed home all last weekend pent up in the house with no voice (aside from the Haiti Benefit concert and the hike up to the Beomosa Temple, AHHH I’m bad). But really now! I hate prescription drugs and usually would inundate my body with mass garlic and tea (which is always good practice, though slack sometimes), however, my school said I could watch movies in class because I was sick. SO I HAD to go to the hospital. I’m a whore…I gave into the movie ploy…and also the fact that I couldn’t talk. Not good…really not good.
But, This week was great. I’m really tapping into the children now! They are crazy! I am crazy! Really a perfect match! The kids are completely insane…they might even give me a run for my money. I’m pretty high energy and I like to keep it that way. James Brown, Barry White, Pee-Wee, and even the Village People have all made appearances in class via you tube. We dance the “Cabbage Patch” and the “Stanky Leg”I even got to do and after school class on what it is to be a gangsta rapper in America. The after school class is sweet. I basically have free reign to teach whatever I want. I can do anything to get the students to learn more about western culture and use their English. I’m also planning on doing some health classes and music classes! Finally the ability to mold minds!!!
YEAH! But enough about me what about OBAMA!!! Health care wooo hooo! Let me know how that works out, Of course the second I leave the U.S. something like this happens. I’m glad and all but nothing is going to change Americas healthcare better than Americans changing their diets. JEEZ! America for the most part is full of a bunch of filthy pigs eating a bunch of filthy pigs. I don’t need to say much or argue this point because it is so blatantly obvious why American health as a whole is so bad. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!! At least realize that and know it. I know every time I eat some piece of shit food that I am coming to closer to turning into a piece of shit myself. SO ENJOY!!! I’m really glad that everyone is getting healthcare now. BUT PLEASE, also enjoy all that rotting animal flesh sitting in you intestines and bowels, and all the other shitty bullshit that you’ve been eating. ENJOY!!! Holla at me with a heart attack in 35 years, I’ll gladly pay for it….not!!! On that note… peace, love and scuzz. For now I sit here on this cool night in Busan, awaiting tomorrow and drinking a lovely CASS ale the self proclaimed, “sound of vitality”. Don’t worry I still love you even if you’re a sleazy eater. I’m just overall sleazy so what am I talking about. I just don’t love your heart attacks (says the man drinking Cass Fresh). Oh the irony!


Pss: to tired. Not time for grammar and punctuation at this hour.

Love ya,