Sunday, 4 July 2010

I came to get down...

This is why I came here...

To look out upon the grand Pacific
with and unobstructed view.
The deep, dark blue
swells and dips;
crashing violently
with whitewater froth
against the craggy coastline
where the mountains meet the sea.

The salt sea air bites my nose
and the smell of squid makes me gag.

This is why I came here

To gaze out from a mountaintop.
There's nothing but snow and ice.
A poppy field of stars above
shines like a million diamonds
strew upon a black velvet valley.

This is why I came here

To wake up before sunrise
and go
and never look back
and know that the day
will reign toil upon my body.
From my head
to my spine,
to my toes,
incited by...
waterfall crossings,
steep inclines,
face first free falls,
and near death experiences.

This is why I came here,
I came to get down...

...and drink until the last drop
then buy me another.
And, I'll pass out in a gutter
and let the homeless
take me home for a change!

To get down
on the dance floor
until the sweat makes
my shoes slip
and the funk makes
my hips dip
whether or not I dance alone.

This is why I came here...
to say fuck you, fuck off , and fuck it...

To be able take a stand
and leave it all behind.
To learn how to learn, love, lead , and leave
all in simultaneous fashion.

This is why I came here....I came to get down!