Friday, 5 March 2010

Here we go....First week of school!!

So here some stream of conciousness. I haven't had a decent internet connection sice I've got here and really little to no time to update this thing in a timely manner. But! I see it as my duty to inform all of my lovely followers out there with some sort of status of my whereabouts and wellbeing. I live in Busan (also spelled Pusan) in and area called Haeundae-gu. this is basically the most ballin' (affulent for those seasonsed reader out there) areas in Busan. It's only a short walk to the beach. Which is nice. The air quality is poor...but I haven't really been anywhere in Korea yet where the airquality is great. My apartment is sweet on the 16th floor of this highrise called the Sun Plaze, it's kind of finky and I imagine one of the cheaper places to live in Haeundae for the hallways are grimey and kind of smell like fermented Kimchi. these are not negatives, simply what Korea smelmls like. It's smells like digestested pickled.... whatever. Overall this place is sweet. The apartment is decent with two room a kitche living room and a patio...not too bad. Since Haeundae-gu is the beacy ballin' touristy area the drinks are a bit more expensive depending on where youm go. there a few "foreigner bars" around here that I have generally avoided considering their high priced alcohol and lack of asians. I prefer to shop for my booze in the store. They have 7-11 here, G24, and Buy the way as their main holes of convienience paraphanalia. this is a convieniece store nation from what I can tell. People love the convenience store here. Except there are no OE's and you have better luck getting soju (their rice alcohol which will run you a 1000 won) Than a 40 of Cass or Hite (runs you about 5000 won). be continured

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