Thursday, 11 March 2010

Listen here!

It’s been a long day. And, it’s only Monday. I can’t really understand how the days pass by so slowly yet so fast. Recently, particularly after graduating form college , the days, weeks, months, and years just seem to fly. I know it sounds cheesy and everyone has probably thought this., but really…isn’t it odd? One time someone wrote in the corner of on of my many many notebooks “Sun passes, time fades”. This could be a famous quote and I wouldn’t know it, but these have always stuck to me. This romantic concept that just as the sun rises and falls, time too rises, falls…. and after all…. passes. Though is it not also amazing that as quickly as months and years pass, sometimes it seems like a day can drag on forever? A period of time can be painful and agonizing and certainly not quick. The term quick and painless never seems to apply to mentally draining times. Why does this feel bittersweet? Sun passing, time fading. Why is nostalgia and reflection something that brings a lump to the throat or a tear to the eye…most likely along with a laugh and a smile? (whooooa! I'm getting sappy here)And, ultimately why do some of us strive for change while other settle? Is a seed to a rambling’ man (or woman) as a tree is to a settled person with a family? I know, I know lots of questions. But, really now, these are unanswerable questions that are at the core of what drive humanity. While some abandon concepts of love for personal growth…others embrace and grow with another. Can one be without the other?

It’s trippy to me here and now…still feeling like a kid myself yet being in charge of children, They respect me simply because I am an adult. Of course I am an adult. I have a job, pay bills, travel about, make my own decisions…. all the things that all responsible adult members of society. Yet I still feel like a kid. Not in the immature way…more like the sick funny way. When I teach I really don’t feel that much older than any of my student. I realize there is huge self-sufficiency gap, but we still laugh at the same jokes. I still think it’s funny when I ask them to draw a picture of something they like and they draw some boobs or a chicken taking a crap. I mean how is that not funny? When will that not be funny. You’d have to be a total square to not think that’s funny…especially in that context. Hey! As long as they can explain what they saying in plain English…I don’t really see a problem with that. I’m teaching English here …not manners. And, I certainly am no Ms. Manners either. It’s funny because I’m respected due to my label…maybe my suit…but really I’m just a goofy jew in a pimp suit stylin out in a classroom. It’s all part of my freaky dream. It’s just one big funky ass dream that has me laughing inside almost the whole time. Not goona lie, it’s hard work. But, I get paid biayatches, hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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  1. The unstoppable hour glass-- Heavy stuff. In Slaughterhouse Five, the aliens describe time (and space) not as something that passes and fades, but as discrete moments that actually exist on and on, forever, comparable to "bugs in amber." I've always thought it was easier to look at time that way. This is an awesome entry.